Deployable CT scanner

We design and manufacture custom military equipment in joint projects with our NATO partners. One such project is development of a Deployable CT scanner designed to be used by military in harsh field conditions.



  • 3 in 1 expandable ISO container
  • 128-slice CT scanner from Siemens

Container Specs:

  • 3 in 1 ISO container – 20`
  • resistant to rust
  • walls lined with lead
  • doors sealed against ingress of dust
  • emergency exit
  • patient entrance
  • operator console with clinical workstation protected by lead-impregnated glass
  • HVAC system operating from -30C to +55C
  • transformer
  • CT scanner gantry and patient table
  • internal floor permanently sealed and covered with non-slip flooring
  • ┬ácapable of withstanding routine inclines of 30 degrees and unloading incline of 45 degrees
  • expanded by personnel of 2 and fully set up in 2 hours
  • customization available as per customer request

CT Scanner Specs:

  • 128-slice CT scanner from Siemens
  • anti-earthquake mechanism
  • contrast auto-injector with real time contrast monitoring and bolus tracking
  • software includes pediatric and infant base protocols
  • commands in various languages available
  • operator console with a clinician workstation
  • various patient table options available


We can supply the following certificates if requested:

Container Safety Convention (CSC), ISO 1496-1, ISO1161, NATO 6516/SCHPE/86, DEF-STAN 35 CL27, DEF-STAN 07-55, Country-specific registrations of Siemens CT Scanner – Health Canada, FDA, etc.