Pressure Die Casting

Pressure die casting is ideal for making multiple copies up to hundreds of thousands of pieces with high surface quality finish. Tooling can also be made to apply a textured surface to your finished parts.

Cast Metals

  • Aluminum – Ideal for strong, complex yet lightweight geometries. Alloys available are ADC12,A380,ADC10 and A413.
  • Zinc – Mostly used for very ductile parts that may require plating. Casting is fairly easy. Alloys available are Zn 3#,Zn 5#.
  • Magnesium – For lightweight parts that require a good strength-to-weight ratio. Alloy is AZ91D.


Surface Finishing

We offer a variety of finishing options

  • sandblasting
  • aquablasting
  • polishing
  • plating
  • painting
  • powder coating
  • pad printing
  • silk screening
  • anodizing
  • machine finishing


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