Finishing Services

We offer a variety of finishing services

  • sandblasting
  • aquablasting
  • polishing
  • plating
  • painting
  • powder coating
  • pad printing
  • silk screening
  • anodizing
  • machine finishing


The three substrates that can be anodized are aluminum, titanium, and magnesium (steel or stainless steel cannot be anodized). Anodizing will promote the adhesion of paint and many other coatings. We offer primarily type II coatings which means we color the parts. Type II offers the possibility of an array of colors as for example (but not limited to) the colors shown in the picture. General purposes for anodizing also include:

  • wear resistance
  • corrosion resistance
  • heat dissipation
  • non-conductive properties
  • improved paint/coating adhesion
  • aesthetics


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